About Evelyn's Coffee Bar

Each night, at about 7pm, Wout Pauw would walk down to Evelyn's Coffee bar and order himself a medium house blend coffee and a medium cappuccino for his wife, Marini Pauw.  No different from any other night, he walked into the shop and ordered his usual, when Evelyn asked, "Hey Wout, what are you doing with yourself, these days?", and Wout answered jokingly, "I don't know, maybe I should buy your coffee shops?".  A joke became serious, and that was the start of it all...

Wout and Marini were both born and raised in the Netherlands, and immigrated to Canada in 1988. Wout and Marini purchased Evelyn's (the orginal) and Evelyn's Too located on Bear Street, in April 2002.  Then they created Evelyn's Again in January 2004, and then opened up Evelyn's Coffee World in April 2010, which features different coffees from all over the world (Papua New Guinea, Nicaragua, & Colombian Tima to name a few).

In order to put more focus on the stores, a decision was made to close down Evelyn's the original, Evelyn's Too & Evelyn's Again. Evelyn's Coffee World remains open.

Come in and enjoy a latté, today!